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Privacy policy

By using you agree that you have read and understood this policy regarding any information you provide to us:

Personal information

Your username, profile picture, registration date and other information you choose to share publicly will always be available to all users. A list of your posts and comments will be available to users depending on their access to respective boards. Availability of other personal information to other users is configurable in user's settings. We will not provide any of users' personal information to third parties without express consent.


Access to any content you post to myEGY will be determined depending on configuration of the board posted to. By posting your content to boards without access restrictions you are making it publicly available to all visitors of

Any posts, comments, private messages, board chat messages and any other content you post will be stored on myEGY servers. You have an option to delete content you posted from, however we cannot guarantee neither physical deletion of content from the database, nor indefinite retention thereof.

We do not assert any exclusive rights to content posted, however by making your content publicly available you grant us permission to display said content in any fashion and for any purposes, on or elsewhere, with attribution where possible. It is your responsibility to ensure that such content does not infringe on any rights and does not put anyone in danger.

We cannot be held responsible for, and cannot prevent use of your publicly available content by third parties, including search engines, web crawlers and other users.

Cookies and tracking will place cookies on your computer to retain your settings and identify you if you sign in. Some of these cookies may be kept on your computer after you stop using If you wish to prevent that, we recommend you enable private browsing mode in your browser.

We may track your activity on for spam prevention and other purposes.

Additionally, we use third party services that may place additional cookies on your computer to provide usage analytics and targeted advertising. These services do not have access to your user information, but they may track your browser.

Security uses SSL to prevent eavesdropping, however no security measures can guarantee complete safety. Some of traffic is routed through Cloudflare network who may have access to decrypted data. Additionally, some content from may be cached on your computer by your browser.

In that regard, we do not recommend using for storage and sharing of very sensitive information.

Authorities is operated in multiple European countries and may be subject to local laws that may require us to hand over private information to law enforcement authorities. We may also proactively contact authorities to prevent crimes and provide evidence.

That being said, we are strong supporters of free speech and human rights and will never censor lawful content or put our users in danger.

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